Violet (nasirah) wrote in ohfreckless,


Yes, I am still alive! Here you have a big batch of disney icons, some of them made for disney_turbo. Please comment if you take tkem! ;)

35 various disney icons (including one animation!)

35 disney icons
aladdin, aristocats, bambi, beauty and the beast, cinderella, enchanted, hercules, hunchback of notre dame, lion king, mulan, peter pan, princess and the frog, tarzan, up.

Tags: disney: aladdin, disney: aristocats, disney: bambi, disney: beauty and the beast, disney: cinderella, disney: enchanted, disney: hercules, disney: hunchback of notre dame, disney: lion king, disney: mulan, disney: peter pan, disney: princess and the frog, disney: tarzan, disney: up, movie: disney
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These are lovely!
Mulan. THANK YOU. They (and all the other icons) are absolutely beautiful!
gorgeous! i love your coloring!:)
Stunning work!
Snagging "Hello Gorgeous" and the animated kicking ass :)
I loooooooove the Gaston icon. And the "Hello gorgeous" icon.
I second this. Snagged Gaston reading Twilight. LOL
theas are so beautiful!
love the coloring so much <3
Very pretty! I took the Aristocats one and the colored "I'll make a man out of you". :D
LOL I love the Gaston one! They all look fantastic.
Your icons are always so amazingly vibrant.
They're all very lovely!
Great icons! Hahaha the Twilight one made me laugh =)
So pretty bb!
G'awwww! Love these!! Snagging some and will credit~! :D
These are so pretty and funny. I'm taking the Esmeralda icon and some Mulan icons. I specially like the "I watch for the plot". How did you know?;)
Your icons are absolutely gorgeous. I'm snagging the Love is All We Need Beauty and the Beast one as well as the Tinker Bell one. :)
Love these! I'm snagging the Twilight icon. lol! Thank you!
11 - Thanks!
I love all of them, especially Beauty and the Beast.
I saved some of them, and ofcourse will credit!
Thank you. :)
Your "Kick Ass" icons are awesome