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Yes, I am still alive! Here you have a big batch of disney icons, some of them made for disney_turbo. Please comment if you take tkem! ;)

35 various disney icons (including one animation!)

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The next batch. Since I rewatched first two seasons of doctor who, you can quess what's under the cut. Btw, vincent and the doctor episode was completely awesome! ;)
Enjoy and comment! :)))

2 lost cast
15 ninth & tenth doctor who + 12 eleventh doctor who (10 from vincent and the doctor)
8 the vampire diaries, 3 gossip girl, 1 heroes, 2 legend of the seeker, 1 lost, 2 secret diary of a call girl, 3 supernatural.

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I finally finished all my important exams. Next week I still have 4 to pass, but they are not that important. So i am back with icons, mostly eleventh doctor who (LOVE), supernatural (LOVE) and a set of textures. I hope you'll enjoy them! Please credit and comment! :))

2 anna paquin, 2 diana agron, 2 marion cotillard
11 doctor who, 7 fringe, 4 gossip girl, 4 lost, 6 merlin, 7 supernatural

+ 10 misc. textures

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Okay, after this batch there will be a huge break. Maybe bigger than a month. I have very important examns in May so I'll be probably dead to the world. And studying myself to death. Anyway, enjoy and please, comment!

6 billie piper, 3 januray jones, 1 mila kunis
10 secret diary, 2 community, 7 doctor who: eleventh hour, 7 supernatural,
3 true blood, 2 vampire diaries
1 amelia, 2 atonement, 1 the time traveler's wife

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And.... next batch! This time I can see that my style has changed. A little, but still... I hope you gonna like the marion cotillad icons. I am especially proud of secret diary of a call girl icons and the merlin ones. Enjoy! And comment :))

3 marion cotillard
4 secret diary of a call girl, 5 lost, 9 merlin, 5 pushing daisies,
2 true blood, 1 the vampire diaries

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